jobgenda was designed to turn great advice into immediate action.  So many times, we hear or read a job search tip but then are left on our own as to how to actually make it our reality.  jobgenda's unique planner-organizer format does that for you! Made up of 4 sections, each has a brief introduction on how to use it, plus pages for additional notes.  Use one section, or use them all, for maximum effectiveness.
start jobgenda
This section was designed for the procrastinator in all of us!  It's great to say you want a new job but quite another to take those first steps.  With start jobgenda, you don't have to think.  It tells you what to do, with hints on doing it better.  You will be surprised at how quickly you gain momentum and see clear skies ahead!
Set your goals and foundation, tailor the plan, and go...with helpful hints along the way. Your unique goals and messages clarified
  • tips and checklists to gain and keep momentum
  • your unique, vast network of contacts
  • tracker for online user id’s and passwords
A job search feels a lot like signing up for a marathon.  It sounded like a good idea at the time! A big goal is a function of little goals that get us to the finish line.  The jobaction section helps you set a weekly pace with a few pleasant surprises thrown in so you can enjoy your runs!
Break big goals into smaller ones... build a weekly pipeline of different activities to ensure progress and success.
  • connecting with people (it’s about more than the job)
  • researching and preparing
  • being your best self
  • paying it forward
This is the heart of jobgenda, where our job search extends beyond ourselves to include others.  We mostly know what to do, but often forget, lose our notes, or miss a step, given our fast-paced lives.  But if it's on a list, there is a decent chance it will get done.  And we will feel more confident for having spent a few minutes.  This is the moment you wait for during any search - a call, an email or a meeting!  Make the most of it... before, during and after.
  • contact and background information (aka the fluffy stuff)
  • interviewing reminders and preparation checklists
  • activity tracker for not forgetting next steps and follow-up
  • space for notes
"I will remember" are famous last words when it comes to tracking adminsitrivia. This is the easy stuff to take care of, but often we don't in our rushing about. In this section, you track resumes that you send and any expenses from your job search.  Simple enough.