Q:  Who could benefit from using jobgenda in their job search?
A:  jobgenda was designed for anyone looking for a job who could benefit from a little guidance and organization.  Regardless of one's goal, success relies on many of the same actions and behaviors.
Q:  Do I need to use all of the sections provided in jobgenda?
A:  jobgenda was designed so you can use 1, 2, or all sections.  Some might find the getting started section the most valuable, while others like the weekly organization format or the contact tracker.
Q:  What makes jobgenda unique?
A:  jobgenda's approach goes beyond providing great advice to also include project management best practices to truly set candidates apart from the competition. 
Q:  Why is jobgenda in book format, instead of digital?
A:  jobgenda was designed so you can take it into meetings to refer to your notes or to take notes.    
Q:  Where else is jobgenda sold?
A:  Currently, jobgenda is sold online only.